Real Life Heroes Corner: Erica Gray


This is Erica Gray and she is a Real Life Hero!

She used the skills she learned in an Innovative Health Solutions CPR class to save the life of a person she was working with in February, 2014.

Erica’s Story:

Erica was eating lunch at work when “one of the clients started to choke and turned purple. I immediately followed the first aid training I had previously learned and began doing the Heimlich Maneuver. Food was flying out of her mouth but she began to pass out.

At that point, I prepared to do CPR. As I laid her down on her back, the last piece of food came out and her color returned. Another staff member was on the phone with the 911 dispatcher the entire time explaining the situation and helping me to remain calm. It was scary, but knowing what to do saved her life!”


Do YOU know what to do to save a life?

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